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Canada’s tech sector holds the key to economic recovery

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Tech companies in Canada have been hiring despite COVID-19 special measures being in place since March 18. Each year, thousands of skilled foreign workers from all over the world find employment in Canada in various tech companies. It is predicted that it will be these tech companies that hold the key to Canada’s economic recovery in the post-pandemic period.

As per the April 2020 Report by the Innovation Economy Council – The Post-Viral Pivot: How Canada’s Tech Startups can drive the recovery from COVID-19 – “All sectors of our economy depend heavily on a vast supply chain of technology companies to meet needs in areas such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data privacy, e-commerce and clean technology. So, when the health crisis subsides, established companies will need innovators to navigate an increasingly uncertain world. To survive, companies will need to be resilient, nimble and better connected than ever — using tools that Canada’s fast-growing technology sector is perfectly positioned to provide.”

Innovation Economy Council [IEC] is a newly set-up coalition of tech leaders in the industry. IEC has been advocating for startups from the time when the coronavirus crises began.

The Report has come to the finding that tech companies are actually thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of such tech companies in Canada were already ideally positioned for stepping up to meet the new market demands. Others could pivot their operations well in time for adapting to the changes brought about by COVID-19 special measures.

Consequently, positions for highly-skilled foreign workers are open in Canada. Many of the top tech companies in Canada are currently hiring.

The tech sector in Canada has been facing acute labour shortage for a long time now. A large number of such Canadian tech companies look abroad for getting the skilled talent that they require.

For addressing the situation, certain Canadian immigration initiatives have been created in order to facilitate the hiring process for foreign workers in tech. These immigration initiatives also help foreign nationals working in the tech sector to Settle in Canada permanently.

Ontario’s Tech Pilot targets immigration candidates that have work experience in 6 tech-related occupations. The Tech Pilot by British Columbia, on the other hand, focuses on immigration candidates that have a job offer in any of the 29 tech occupations that are in demand in the province.

The Global Talent Stream of Canada offers expedited work permit processing of 15 days for skilled foreign workers. Certain companies have both hired as well as brought the new hires to Canada within the same month. As many as 3,968 were brought in to Canada in 2019 through the Global Talent Stream.

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