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Canada will welcome a record number of immigrants through family sponsorship programs

Family sponsorship programs on track to welcome record number of immigrants in 2022

Highlights of family sponsorship programs 2022

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Canada to welcome permanent residents through family sponsorship programs

Canada has plans to welcome a large number of permanent residents through family sponsorship programs. According to the latest data provided by IRCC, 41,625 permanent residents were invited in Canada in May 2022. It is claimed that if such speed will prevail, the number of immigrants can go up to 99,900.

This will break the previous record of 91,300 that was made in 2019. In 2015, the number of candidates invited through these programs was 65,485. In 2016, the number grew to 78,005. In 2017, the number again increased and went up to 82,465.

In 2018, the rate of welcoming immigrants through these programs slowed down but still, 85,165 permanent residents were invited. In 2019, the rate again grew but then the pandemic hit. In 2020, the immigration dropped by 46 percent and only 49,310 permanent residents were invited

Details of immigration through family sponsorship programs

The table below will reveal the details of permanent residents welcomed through family sponsorship programs in each year.

Year Number of permanent residents welcomed
2015 65,485
2016 78,005
2017 82,465
2018 85,165
2019 91,300
2020 49,310
2021 81,420
2022 41,625 (till May end)

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Web Story: Family Sponsorship programs on track to welcome record number of immigrants in 2022

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