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Canada to drop vaccine requirement for entry

Canada entry rules

Highlights for Canada entry rules

New entry rules to enter Canada

Canadian Prime Minster is likely to give final sign-off for the latest idea of entry rules. The government is planning to drop its requirement to end the random testing for Coronavirus at airports. Along with this, entering the information in the unpopular ArriveCan app will also be made no longer required.

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By the end of September 2022, Canada even dropped the vaccination proof as the requirement to enter Canada. Yet the official news needs to be released in the press.

Like the United States, Canada also required vaccinated people to enter the country with proof. But now Canada withdrew the idea, and this will get implemented from September 30th, 2022. The United States is still to make a move like this.

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Unvaccinated Baseball players

Unvaccinated professional athletes like Baseball players are allowed to play in the playoffs in Toronto currently. The Blue Jays are not allowed to cross the border into Canada.

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