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Canada PNP Immigration results for January 2023

All in one Canada PNP Jan 2023

Highlights of Canada PNP draws held in January 2023

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Why Canada PNP?

The Provincial Nominee Program is the second leading immigration pathway to Canada. The Canada PNP permits each Canadian province to set the requirements for their own immigration streams. It also offers applicants with an opportunity to apply for Canada PR visa. Thereby, it boosts your chances to receive an ITA.

List of provinces that held draws in January 2023

In January 2023,  five provinces in Canada held 15 PNP draws and invited 5,644 candidates globally.

Here is the list of provinces that held PNP draws in January 2023.

Complete details of PNP draws held in January 2023

The details of all the PNP draws in January 2023, are given below:

Province No. of candidates
Ontario 3,591
Manitoba 658
Saskatchewan 50
British Columbia 1,122
PEI 223

Here is the outlook of January 2023 Canada PNP draws of each province.

British Columbia

The Pacific province held five draws in January 2023 and invited 1,122 candidates under Skills Immigration,  Express Entry BC categories (Skilled Worker, International Graduate) and Entrepreneur’s streams.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) held 5 draws in the first month of 2023. The details of the BC PNP draws held in January 2023 are listed below:

Date No. of candidates
Jan 04, 2023 211
Jan 10, 2023 150
Jan 17, 2023 192
Jan 24, 2023 285
Jan 31, 2023 284

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5th BCPNP Draw of January 2023: Issued 284 skills immigration invitations

BC PNP draw issued 285 Skills immigration and Business streams

BC PNP Skills Immigration draw invited 192 candidates

British Columbia issued 150 ITAs in the BC PNP draw held on January 10, 2023

BC PNP draw issued 211 Skills Immigration invitations


Manitoba held two draws and issued 658 invitations under three streams, namely

The Keystone State held two Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) draws in January 2023, i.e.,

Date EOI draws Invitations issued
Jan 27, 2023 EOI Draw #166 336
Jan 13, 2023 EOI Draw #165 322

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Manitoba PNP draw issued 336 invitations

First Manitoba draw in 2023 issued 322 LAAs

Prince Edward Island

The province has  held one Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI-PNP) draw in January 2023, the PEI held one draws and invited 223 candidates.

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Invitation Date Total invitations in draw
January 21, 2023 223

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PEI PNP draw issued 223 invitations on January 19, 2023


The province held one draw under Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) in January 2023, and invited 50 immigration candidates.

Invitation Date Stream Total invitations in draw Minimum score
January 05, 2023 Entrepreneur 50 85

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Saskatchewan invited 50 immigrants under Entrepreneur stream


The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) held five draws and issued 3,591 invitations under Foreign Worker Stream, Ph.D. Stream, and Master’s Graduate Stream in January, 2023.

Date of round of invitations ITAs issued
Jan 31, 2023 611
Jan 30, 2023 10
Jan 25, 2023 692
Jan 24, 2023 622
January 13, 2023 1,252
January 10, 2023 404

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OINP Draw issued 611 invitations on January 31, 2023

Ontario Entrepreneur stream draw issued 10 Canada immigration invitations

Ontario Masters Graduate Stream issued 692 invitations on January 25, 2023

Ontario issued 622 invitations under 2 streams

Ontario Province invites 1252 candidates under Skills Trade Stream

OINP Foreign Worker stream issued 404 invitations

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