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Canada is the only country to have three cities in the top ten – GLI 2022

Canada is the only country to have three cities in the top ten - GLI 2022

Highlights of top ten – GLI 2022

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Ranks of Canadian cities in Global Livability Index 2022

Three cities of Canada received top ranks in the Global Livability Index 2022. Calgary and Zurich in combination received the third rank. Calgary left Zurich behind in the case of infrastructure and education while Zurich has left Calgary behind in the case of culture and environment.

The fifth spot was taken over by Vancouver and the eighth rank was given to Toronto. The rank of these cities slipped because of the restrictions of the pandemic. In 2021, Toronto got 20th rank. Damascus, Tripoli, and Lagos received the last rank as living conditions in these cities are unsafe and there is a high threat of terrorism.

Factors considered for ranking the cities

The Economic Intelligence Unit has been conducting and monitoring the global development of various cities for the past 70 years. The livability report is released every year and there are several factors on the basis of which cities are ranked.

These factors include:

The report of 2022 consists of 172 cities. In comparison to 2021, the report of 2022 included 33 more cities. The overall score of all the cities is higher this year. The scores related to culture and environment improved in comparison to 2021 and they have reached near to the levels of pre-pandemic.

The scores for healthcare have also increased as pressure due to the pandemic has been eased now. The scores related to stability have been dropped.

Canada is safe and stable

Canada is the only country whose three cities are ranked in top ten. This rank proved that Canada has high living standards. This is the reason many candidates want to migrate to Canada. The country has been ranked as one of the most tolerant and stable nations in the world.

Canada has aimed to welcome 450,000 permanent residents each year by 2024. There are over 100 pathways which Canada uses to welcome permanent residents.

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