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Canada announces clearance of visit visa backlogs by February 2023

Canada announces clearance of visit visa backlogs by February 2023

Highlights of Canada announces the clearance of visit visa backlogs by February 2023

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How to apply work visa for Canada in 2023?

Canada gets ready to clear visit visa backlogs by February 2023

The table below shows the two strategies that were developed by IRCC to reduce wait times Strategies
1 To process around 195,000 applications in bulk
2 To relax eligibility criteria for around 450,000 visit visa applicants.

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Convert Visit visa to Work Permit

Suppose a foreign national is on a visit visa permit in Canada, has obtained a job offer from an authorized Canadian employer, and is willing to apply for a work visa or renew study visa. They need not exit Canada to do this. Will be able to apply to stay in Canada when meets specific eligibility criteria.

Canada Flagpoling

Flagpoling is utilized when a foreign citizen returns to Canada without entering the USA.

This helps in getting a new temporary residence status by applying for the renewal of study, work visa, or even the Canada PR process.

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Web Story: IRCC announces clearing the backlogs of visit visas by February 2023. Get ready to visit now

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