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Canada announces a 3-years PR pilot for agri-food workers.

Currently, migrant farm workers usually enter Canada through the Temporary Foreign Worker program. As such, they have no way of seeking permanent residency in Canada. As the work permit is for ‘seasonal’ work, it is for a limited term only.   

Come 2020, and all this will change. For the better.   

What is the duration for the pilot?   

Beginning in 2020, the pilot will be for a 3-years’ duration.   

How many will benefit?  

Total 2,750 principal applicants will be taken up for processing each year.   

The IRCC estimates that about 16,500 new permanent residents will be added to the Canadian population in the three years’ duration of the pilot. This includes the principal applicants and their family members.  

Who all are eligible?  

The industries and professions covered under the new Agri-Food Immigration Pilot include –  

Eligibility Criterion:

The eligibility requirements for the pilot include –  

The Agri-Food Immigration Pilot will aid Canada in retaining non-seasonal, experienced international workers. Workers that have eligible employment offers in the agri-foods and agricultural industry in Canada will be considered.   

Further details will available towards the beginning of 2020, as per CIC News.

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