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Cabinet approves MoU on recognition of academic qualifications between India & UK


Highlights: MoU between India & UK

An MoU between India and the UK

An MoU is been discussed and signed between the UK and India about the mutual understanding and exchange of educational structures, standards, and programs. This will elevate the portability of the students and the efficient professionals between both countries.

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This will also help in encouraging and collaborating in the education sector and developing the study program. This recognizes the academic qualifications to encourage student mobility. But the high professional degrees like Engineering, Architecture, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Para-Medical Education are not considered under this MoU.
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Aims of MoU

The main motto of this MoU is to give mutual recognition of the educational degrees, period of study that are undertaken, proof of documents related to the academic qualifications and degrees, and accreditation by the institutions, in the two countries.

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Granting recognition for One year Master’s Program

The UK’s request of granting recognition to their One year Masters Programme is been accepted and the Education Ministers from both sides have decided to initiate a joint task force on this.

To facilitate the formation of Joint and dual degrees among Higher Education Institutions. This is one of the main aims of NEP 2020 for globalizing education.

The MoU is been created to provide equivalency concerning the national rules, regulations, laws, and policies between the two countries.

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Web Story:  MoU signed by the Cabinet on mutual exchange of education qualifications between India & the UK

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