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BC PNP draw invites 179 candidates

British Colum PNP Draw Apr 19

On April 19, 2022, British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program has sent invitations to 179 candidates under different streams. BCP NP sends invitations periodically to the individuals whose names can be found under the registration pool. The individuals have to send an application to the program.

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The information present in the registration is used to provide Invitations to Apply. This information is also used in the process of ranking, selecting, and inviting the candidates. These candidates have to meet the labor and economic market needs of British Columbia.


The table below will show the full details.

Date Number of 


Category Minimum


April 19, 2022 147 Skilled Worker 110  

General draw(includes tech occupations)

Skilled Worker – EEBC option 125
International Graduate 98
International Graduate – EEBC option 109
Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 77
April 19, 2022 20 Skilled Worker, International Graduate

(includes EEBC option)

70 Targeted draw: Childcare: Early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 4214)


Skilled Worker, International Graduate, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled

(includes EEBC option)

70 Targeted draw: Healthcare
<5 Skilled Worker, International Graduate

(includes EEBC option)

70 Targeted draw: Other priority occupations (NOCs 3114, 3213)

Attributes related to the draw

The following attributes are checked before sending ITAs:

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