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Australia plans to increase pay of temporary skilled migrants in 2022

Australia plans to increase pay of temporary skilled migrants in 2022

Highlights of Australian temporary skilled migrants pay hike

Australia to raise the pay of temporary skilled migrants in 2022

Australia has planned to increase the income threshold for temporary skilled migrants. Skills and Training Minister O’Connor stated that the government has to reduce the skills shortages in Australia. The announcement of increasing the income threshold was made in the two-day summit.

The government has also announced that the intake of permanent migrants will be raised from 160,000 to 195,000 to help the businesses having shortage of staff. This will also reduce the dependence on short-term workers.

O’Connor told that the current temporary skilled migration income threshold is AUD 53,900 since 2013. Now it will be raised to AUD 65,000.

Reasons for staff shortage

Staff shortage increased due to the pandemic as Australia closed its borders for around two years. A large number of foreign students and holiday workers left Australia due to the pandemic.

Unemployment rate in Australia

The current unemployment rate in Australia is 3.4 percent. Shortage of workers led to rise in inflation which became a reason for the lowering of the real wages. There is a high demand of skilled workers in Australia due to the aging population.

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