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Alberta prioritizes family ties in new immigration program changes

Alb0erta prioritizes 'Family Ties' in New mmigration Program changes

Highlights: Alberta gives priority to family ties in the changes to AAIP

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Family ties prioritized in Alberta Immigration program

Alberta is changing its AAIP to make Canada immigration easy. The province has made an announcement that 25 percent of the Express Entry nominations will be given to potential newcomers who have immediate family members living in Alberta and have skills in high-demand sectors like tech, healthcare, and agriculture.

According to Alberta’s minister of trade, immigration and multiculturalism, Rajan Sawhney, this step will help in attracting more immigrants to meet the skills shortage. This method will also help in boosting the economy of Alberta.

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Number of jobs available in Alberta in 2022

In December 2022, Alberta had more than 41,000 new full-time jobs. Since the start of 2021, the province has added 221,000 full-time jobs. It is expected that skill shortage in Alberta in 2025 will be 33,100. Each year 6,500 nomination certificates are given to Alberta. Out of these, 815 will be used for the new stream in 2023.

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Web Story: Alberta’s updated changes in the new immigration program to prioritize Family ties

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