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Alberta calls for 100,000 skilled professionals. Apply now for AAIP!

Alberta calls for 100,000 skilled professionals Apply now for AAIP!

Highlights: Alberta needs 100,000 skilled professionals

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Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP)

The Prairie province gave the green light to increase immigration numbers in 2023-2025 under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program.

Year Nominations
2023 9,750
2024 10,140
2025 10,849

Alberta Immigration Minister Rajan Sawhney, says…

Alberta needs more immigrants,” said Alberta Immigration Minister Rajan Sawhney in a statement. “We need them to help grow our communities, address labour shortages in key sectors and help continue Alberta’s economic success.”

Rural Renewal and Rural Entrepreneur Streams

In order to provide support to the local economies, Alberta operates Rural Renewal and Rural Entrepreneur Streams by inviting immigrants to rural Alberta. These streams will ensure newcomers at all skill levels prosper and fill the workforce shortages in Alberta.

The province also offers various pathways for these skilled newcomers to get permanent residence in Alberta.

Alberta is open to all skilled newcomers who want to build successful careers and settle in the province. It also added there are thousands of skills shortage across many occupations, industries, and sectors, which has increased the immigration numbers and plans to welcome immigrants on a larger scale in the coming years.

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Web Story: Alberta calls for 100,000 skilled professionals. Apply now for AAIP!

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