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400,000 new jobs in Ontario & Saskatchewan, Canada! Apply right now!


Highlights: 400,000 new jobs added in Ontario & Saskatchewan, Canada

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Sectors with the highest number of jobs in Canada

As per the StatCan, the following factors are considered to record a job role as vacant

Sectors No. of job vacancies Job vacancy rate increased by
Health care and Social Assistance 1,59,500 25%
Hospitality (Accommodation and Food Services) 1,52,400 12%
Retail Trade 1,17,300 5.50%
STEM (Professional Scientific and Technical Services) 61,900 5%
Manufacturing 76,000 4.20%

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So, many job vacancies in Canada… Did Canada increased the Payroll …

Yes, a hike in employee payroll is also seen with the increase in the number of jobs. Canadian employers believe that a payroll increase marks the good health of a business, industry, and even economy. Payroll increased by 0.5 percent in September, which showed the largest gains in Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta.

Biggest uptick in Canadian employment, after increasing payroll

The sectors which have the biggest uptick in employment, after increasing payroll include:

Sectors No. of employees benefitted
Healthcare and social assistance + 20,700 employees
Accommodation and food services + 8,400 employees
Retail Trade + 8,200 employees

With the increase in payroll, these sectors have experienced, positive signs like:

These are promising signs for migrants who are willing to migrate to Canada.

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Job vacancies in Canada, Measures to fill the workforce demands….

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Web Story: Canada added 400,000 new jobs in Ontario & Saskatchewan. Apply now.

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