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  • No-LMIA-required-for-Canadian-Significant-Benefit-Work-Permit
    No LMIA required for Canadian Significant Benefit Work Permit

    Highlights of Canadian Significant Benefit Work permits which do not require LMIA A significant Benefit Work permit (SBWP) is a special work permit that does not need an LMIA for work. LMIA is one of the internal assessments for Canada which assesses the effect of recruiting a foreign worker on the Labor market of Canada.… Read More »

    Nov 29, 2022
  • British-Columbia-PNP-Draw-issued-336-Skills-Immigration-invitations
    BC PNP issued 336 invitations on November 28, 2022

    Highlights: BC PNP first draw after NOC change issued 336 ITAs British Columbia issued invitations to 336 candidates through BC PNP Candidates who scored in the range of 60 and 105 received the invitations The invitations were issued under the Skills Immigration Stream The invitees who received ITAs are eligible to apply for Canada PR… Read More »

    Nov 29, 2022
  • UAE's-New-Passport-Rule-Passengers-with-single-name-are-NOT-ALLOWED-to-enter-UAE
    UAE’s New Passport Rule: Passengers with single name are NOT ALLOWED to enter UAE

    Highlights: Passengers with single name on their passport cannot visit UAE as per new passport rule Candidates having single name on their passport will are not allowed to enter UAE First and second names are mandatory in the passport The rule will applicable from November end of this year for tourist or visit visas Candidates… Read More »

    Nov 26, 2022
  • UK-immigration-numbers-crossed-500,000-in-June-2022
    UK immigration numbers crossed 500,000 in June 2022

    Highlights: UK immigration crossed 500,000 migrants UK immigration numbers crossed 500,000 in one year. Introducing new visa regimes, work visas and student visas stands out as the major contribution End of lockdown restrictions, new visa route for Hong Kong British nationals, Refugee migration, etc. are the major factors. UK student visas accounted 277,000 which makes… Read More »

    Nov 26, 2022
  • 400,000-new-jobs-in-Ontario-&-Saskatchewan,-Canada!-Apply-right-now!
    400,000 new jobs in Ontario & Saskatchewan, Canada! Apply right now!

    Highlights: 400,000 new jobs added in Ontario & Saskatchewan, Canada Great news for immigrants! Ontario and Saskatchewan added 400,000 new jobs. With this addition, the job vacancy rate increased to 5.7% in Canada. Healthcare, Hospitality, STEM, Retail Trade, and Manufacturing sectors recorded the highest number of job vacancies in Canada. Biggest uptick is seen in… Read More »

    Nov 26, 2022
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