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16 new occupations added to Canada Express Entry NOC list

16 new occupations added to Canada Express Entry NOC list

Canada has announced that 16 new occupations will be considered for eligibility of candidates to apply for Express Entry. The selection system will include teaching jobs, dental assistants and many others. IRCC has announced that it will complete the transition of NOC 2016 to NOC 2021 in November 2022 so that people can come and work in Canada.

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After this transition, the classification will move from the current skill-level-based classification to a new TEER classification. TEER can be expanded as Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities.


There will be no direct relationship of Skill Type 0 and Skill Type A to D to TEER levels. The table below will give a rough idea for the equivalents of skill types with TEER:

NOC 2016

NOC 2021
Skill Type 0


Skill Level A

Skill Level B



Skill Level C


Skill Level D


With the help of NOC 2016, qualifications for occupations will start from Skill Level B and above. For NOC 2021, TEER 3 and above will qualify. The occupations that will be added are as follows:

New occupations NOC code
Payroll administrators 1432
Dental Assistants and Dental Laboratory Assistants 3223
Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates 3413
Pharmacy technical assistants and pharmacy assistants 33103
Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants 4413
Sheriffs and bailiffs 4421
Correctional service officers 4422
By-law enforcement and other regulatory officers 4423
Estheticians, electrologists and related occupations 6562
Residential and commercial installers and servicers 7441
Pest controllers and fumigators 7444
Other repairers and servicers 7445
Transport truck drivers 7511
Bus drivers, subway operators and other transit operators 7512
Heavy equipment operators 7521
Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors 9521

Atlantic Immigration Program

Due to the transaction from NOC 2016 to NOC 2021, Atlantic Immigration Program will also be affected. This program is a new one and has been created to invite new skilled workers to the following provinces:

The program is available for the occupations that belong to Skill Level C and above under NOC 2016. Under NOC 2021, Atlantic Immigration Program will be available for the occupation of TEER 4 and above.

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