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1 million job vacancies in Canada, September 2021

1 million jobs in canada

As per the statistics from the Canada job vacancy report, there are many job vacancies in Canada, even though the employers are hiring regularly.

According to the reports, “Canada’s economy is still continuing to recover from the bad hit of the pandemic.”

In September 2021, 91,100 candidates were added to payrolls in Canada. It also stated that Ontario had added more than 43,000 new members to their payrolls. British Columbia took second place and the third by Quebec.

More job gains are observed in the following sectors:

The reopening of Canada-U.S. borders and easing the COVID travel restrictions for travelers in September have led to job growth in tourism and other prominent sectors.

But still, labor shortages exist, and there are over 1 million job openings in early September this year. The vacancies for each sector are listed below:

Job Vacancies in Canada
Sector Number of vacancies
Accommodation and Food 200,000
Healthcare 130,000
Retail trade 122,000
Construction 80,000
Manufacturing 80,000

According to the statistics from the Canadian government, the increase in the number of job vacancies is a positive sign for the economic growth of the country. Hiring employees by Canadian employers creates new roles and responsibilities. It actively promotes the intake of foreign nationals.

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