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Quick Country Profile

New Zealand is one of the world’s most developed economies with a natural beauty that makes it unique. Home to a heavily immigrant population, New Zealand offers citizens and residents the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life under a government that offers the social and security infrastructure necessary for modern life. New Zealand actively woos Indian professionals, students and tourists and has created visa programs that can help you get to New Zealand quickly. Y-Axis is a registered migration agent through its partner in New Zealand and can give you the most credible immigration advice.

New Zealand

  • new zealand population

    4.5 million

  • new zealand area

    268,021 sq km

  • new zealand language


  • new zealand religion


  • new zealand life
    Life expectancy

    81.46 years (2015)

  • new zealand gdp
    GDP per capita

    NZ: $30,804 | India: $3829

Top Cities:

Auckland: The 4th best city to live in according to the Mercer Quality of Living Survey, Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and offers all the perks of a pulsing, global metropolis. Its mild climate is quite similar to that of India’s and it has a high concentration of Indian population. Auckland’s vibrant economy is great for professionals seeking employment and the presence of reputed universities makes it a great destination for students.

Wellington: The capital of New Zealand is a great place for migrants. This coastal city is the cultural hub of New Zealand with prominent theater, music and dance insititutions based out of it. Tourism, arts and IT are among the largest employers in Wellington and various state universities offer a plethora of programs for students.

Christchurch: The largest city in South Island, Christchurch has an economy dominated by agriculture and, to a lesser extent, manufacturing. Large expanses of land remain free in this city, giving residents a sense of space like no other place. Since the produce of Christchurch is sought after by several countries, it has enjoyed a relatively stable economy for a long period of time. A great place to live with family, Christchurch offers many employment opportunities to agricultural, engineering, teaching and IT professionals.

new zealand immigration

Immigration Statistics:


New Zealand offers professionals a strong economy built on international trade and agriculture. A hub of activity in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand’s close proximity to Australia contributes heavily to its success. If you want an international career that puts you on the road to success New Zealand is one of your best options.

New Zealand is a promising academic destination offering students a globally recognized education and an international environment to grow in. Students of all streams, engineering and business in particular, will find New Zealand to be a great stepping stone to an international career.

One of Hollywood’s favorite destinations, New Zealand is one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Untouched forests and beaches and a unique geography and history make it the perfect vacation destination.

New Zealand offers migrants and their families a great destination to settle permanently in. With a strong presence of Indians, New Zealand offers the right balance of internationalism and tradition to make it an easy migration choice. With extensive social, health, educational and physical infrastructure, New Zealand offers a standard of living on par with the best countries of the world. Talk to Y-Axis today and get started with your migration process today!

New Zealand is a business destination with strong ties to the global economy. As such, it offers entrepreneurs and investors several business opportunities under a government with business friendly policies. The perks of investing in New Zealand include permanent residency and the opportunity to see your business grow much faster.

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