Immigration rules keep changing & new options are available frequently. If the country of your choice is not on the list above, please  E-mail Us & we will evaluate you for that country. 

There are many types of permanent residency options. Listed below are the popular ones. Most options offer a long term visa for the applicant, his spouse and children. The visa can be converted to citizenship in most cases. Free Education for children, healthcare & retirement benefits & visa free travel are some of the reasons people choose to immigrate.

Skilled Immigration:

  • Points Based
  • Most people below the age of 51 years old, with an occupation (listed on each country’s list), 2+years of work experience & good English/French are eligible for this
  • It is the most popular way of settling overseas

 State/Territory/Province Sponsored Immigration:

  • Similar to skilled immigration
  • Occupation must be listed on the state list
  • Long term visa converted to PR & citizenship
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Employer based immigration:

  • Very popular option for most countries
  • Candidates who find a full time job & an employer overseas are eligible for this visa

Y-Axis offers job search services to help candidates market themselves to overseas employers. We have a high success rate & have been very successful with this. For more information, please E-mail Us.

Family Migration:

  • Some countries offer permanent residency anyone who has a parent, brother, sister, uncle, aunt or first cousin overseas
  • The sponsoring relative needs to be an citizen or a permanent resident of that country

Investment Migration:

  • Many countries offer a temporary or PR visa in exchange for an investment
  • Investment amounts can range from $50,000 to $500,000 or more

To get started with any of these options, please apply for an evaluation. For more information or to discuss the above options, please speak to  Y-Axis Consultant at your nearest location.