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Quick Country Profile

Hong Kong is among the most vibrant cities in the world. Often described as a city like no other, Hong Kong is where the East and West merge seamlessly. Hong Kong is possibly the largest Asian city in terms of economic impact and boasts of an infrastructure and city culture that makes it one of the most desirable cities to live in. With some of the world’s largest universities and companies present
here, settling in Hong Kong could be one of the most profound decisions you make in your life.


7 million

Per capita incomes:
HK: $52,687 | India: $3829

1 HKD= 7.9 INR

UN Human Development Index Rank:
HK: 7 | India: 136

Indian Diaspora:


More about Hong Kong:

Governed by the British for a large section of the last century, Hong Kong officially.

Foreign Worker Statistics:

Employment & Investor visas issued in 2012: 28,625

International Students Statistics

International student visas granted in 2012-13: 7872

Student visas granted to Indians
in 2012-13: 24,808

Indian Diaspora Statistics

37, 250 Indians living in HK



Hong Kong is one of the hubs of the global economy. A gateway to the manufacturing might of China and a place where most of the trade in East Asia passes through, Hong Kong offers you a host of opportunities. With visa programs that are friendly to both immigrants and employers, your chances of settling permanently in Hong Kong are very good.

Hong Kong is one of the premier educational destinations with many premier American and British colleges holding a permanent presence there. The quality of education is on par with the best countries and universities in the world and since you will be studying in Hong Kong the chances of you getting a job there after graduating go up significantly!

Looking to visit Hong Kong for a holiday or on business? Y-Axis, with its presence in Hong Kong and experience in helping hundreds of visa aspirants get a visa quickly, is your best bet! Talk to us today!

Settle in a city that offers you hundreds of opportunities, is quite close to India and offers a similar cultural experience. Hong Kong is one of the world’s most sought after destinations with its vibrant economy and a colorful culture. Y-Axis can help you settle permanently in Hong Kong with a team of lawyers, experienced counselors and migration experts to working to make your migration case as watertight as possible. Learn more about our migration solutions.

Being the center of East Asian trade, Hong Kong offers investors and entrepreneurs a multitude of opportunities to choose from and an investor friendly Government. Learn more about how you can migrate to Hong Kong as an investor through Y-Axis.

For further details, please Contact Us or you can e-mail us on One of our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.

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With a Canadian office accredited to the ICCRC, Y-Axis offers you legally recognized immigration counseling services. Our visa experts are some of the best in the business and can help you submit the perfect documentation that will ensure you the best shot at getting a Canadian visa.

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News Update

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