Y-Axis Foundation Advisory Notes For those moving to the USA

YAF Advisory Notes

Education USA@Y Axis Foundation

Step 1

Please shortlist the accredited Universities/ Colleges of your choice based on the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Accredited Program of your choice
  • Cost of attendance
  • Faculty and the research going on in your subject
  • Requirements of the course of your choice-standardized tests

 For more details, go through the websites of the Universities/ colleges selected.  

Websites useful are:  





For Under graduation



For Under graduation application



For Grad    


For Engineering


Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) (recognized by CHEA)

For MBA 


For Ph D

Please inform the progress you make in selecting the institutions.    

You may find out if a course or university is accredited by visiting the database of accredited programs and institutions published by the U.S. Department of Education at https://ope.ed.gov/dapip/#/home or Department of Homeland Security at https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/school-search However, you should evaluate all aspects of a school’s offerings before making a decision to enroll.

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Step 2:

Financing your studies is a crucial part of your journey.

Plan well in advance. After shortlisting, check the cost of attendance mentioned on the college website.

Cost of attendance includes

  • Tuition fee,
  • Room and Board,
  • Transport, Books,
  • Insurance etc.

And all other living expenses approximately for one year.

Accordingly, arrange your funds.

The source of income that you show in your account should be authentic.

IT Returns of the income earned should be produced.

If you are planning to go for a bank loan, you must have a future plan to repay the loan amount. So, it is not advisable to overburden yourself. When you apply, the option of applying for financial aid/ scholarships for international students can be verified on the college website and proper instructions should be followed. Find out whether the UG college is accepting CSS or ISFAA applications.

For the Grad program, find out the specific requirements of the college and apply for financial aid.

If you are eligible for financial aid or scholarship from the university, it will be mentioned in the Admit letter/ I 20

You can refer to https://educationusa.state.gov/find-financial-aid




Bursar web page of the university

Plan in such a way that you are ready to pay for the entire study period even if you fail to get the financial aid from the university.

If you have any doubts, you can contact the adviser.


For CSS application


For ISFAA application


Can find the details about scholarships for students with disabilities.

Step 3:

To complete your application, be mindful of the deadlines. Do not wait till the eleventh hour to send the application.

Be ready with SOP (Statement of Purpose)/ Essays (UG) – and they should be orienting towards the prompt given,

CV (Curriculum Vitae)- include extracurricular activities, projects, internships, awards and rewards and other accomplishments,

LOR (Letters of Recommendation – seek prior consent from the persons concerned),

Standardized test scores, and the application fee to be paid (if applicable).

If you need any help, please contact the adviser and clarify your doubts.

Outline of an SOP:

Tips to write a winning graduate essay:

Past, Present, Future of your line of activity

Word count as specified

Speak about the specific program

Seek review and feedback before sending

Always use the right university name.

Be mindful of


  • This is not self-introduction
  • Introduce the academic field of interest
  • Write how and why its interests you
  • What do you aspire to do in this domain


  • Academic information of either school or college
  • Industrial exposure and training experience
  • Professional experience if any
  • Must include extracurricular in UG and MBA SOP
  • Extracurricular is optional for MS (relevant to course)

 Why this Course:

  • Specify why you want to pursue this particular course
  • Discuss the course curriculum
  • Explain the skills you would enhance during the course

 Career Goals:

  • Clearly specify your goal immediately after this course
  • Portray your long-term plans (10-15 down the line)
  • Never talk about staying in foreign country for long

 Why this university?

  • Specific features of university that attract you
  • How its exposure would help you realize your goals


  • Sum up what you have written
  • Do not write anything about financial assistantship

 Outline of an LOR:

Establish the referee’s nature of association with the individual along with describing briefly the individual’s education or professional designation. Briefly discuss the qualities of the individual. Provide a factual scenario describing the student or employee’s strength and dedication towards a project. Describe his or her capabilities and determination towards the profession or field of study.

In conclusion, focus on how the individual can profit from joining the university. Along with the above points, mention why the referee strongly recommends the individual. Provide personal contact details to the institution or organization for further contacting assistance. Never mention or ask about funding in your SOPs or LORs Give the updates as you progress in your efforts.

Useful links:



Step 4:

Visa process is crucial. Prepare well in advance. You have to take two appointments for Biometric and the interview.

The documents to be carried are:

I-20(certificate of eligibility from the college/university admitted),

MRV (Machine Readable Visa) Application Fee -MRV should be paid according to location-    specific procedures.

DS160 visa application form and Visa appointment confirmation page,

SEVIS I-901 fee receipt -for paying SEVIS Fee go to www.fmjfee.com

Valid passport;

  • Financial documents like bank statements, loan sanction letters, and scholarship sanction letters
  • Academic transcripts. (From 10th)

Do not be anxious to show all the documents at a time but hand over whatever is asked for.

So, arrange them in order to be handy for you. Be normal in formal dress.

Your Social media handles for the last 5 years will be scrutinized. Note down the IDs you have been using.

Keep in mind that the visa interview is mainly based on three aspects:

  • Why did you choose that program in that particular institution?
  • How do you support yourself financially for the entire study period?
  • What is your goal and what do you want to do after completing the course?

Be truthful and confident in giving the replies to the questions in whichever form they are asked.

For more information: www.travel.state.gov/visa

For visa-related questions: support-india@ustraveldocs.com

https://ustraveldocs.com/in/step-6.html   for tracing passport after visa approval.

Study & Exchange Visa Classifications


Student Visa Information


Exchange Visitor Information


Visa Appointment Wait Times (search any U.S. Embassy or Consulate for wait times)


Non-immigrant Visa Application Page (Consular Electronic Application Center [CEAC] / DS-160)


For expedite visa appointments


Please let us know the outcome after the visa interview.

Step 5:

Congratulations! You are all set to leave for the U.S.

I hope the Pre-departure Orientation gave you confidence and you are well equipped with all the relevant information required.

The important checklist to keep in mind

  • The climate at the new place
  • Cultural differences
  • Money for immediate requirement
  • Documents to carry
  • I-20
  • Visa
  • valid passport
  • contact details
  • flight tickets and luggage regulations
  • Emergency items needed in cabin baggage

At any juncture, you can contact me to clarify your doubts.

At the college campus, be in touch with the International Student Office for any kind of help

Enjoy your stay there and enrich your knowledge.

Write to me about your experiences after reaching the campus.

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