Latest Events

Latest Events

AIAIA Christmas Ball - 26 Dec 2017

Boxing Day Ball at Hyderabad-Secunderabad The All India Anglo Indian Association’s Boxing Day Ball held on December 26 was a great success. Around 2,000 guests in chic attire gathered at Tivoli Garden in Secunderabad to witness it. While a live band played retro music, a DJ got the dancers grooving to his playlist. Organised by Warren Latouche, the President and Governing Body Member, and his efficient committer, the event thrilled the guest like never before. Sponsoring the event was Y-Axis, the leading consultant in India for immigration services.

Coimbatore Prozone Mall Event

A singing and dancing contest was held by Y-Axis in Coimbatore’s Prozone Mall. The visitors and participants enjoyed it a lot. Y-Axis also spread awareness on different types of visas, immigration options, overseas careers and opportunities available for Individuals and families.

Annual Day Celebrations 2017

Y-Axis celebrated its 18th Anniversary at Park Hyatt, Hyderabad. The Y-Axis family gathered from every nook and corner of the world. Everybody enjoyed it. It had inspirational talks, musical compositions, dance, drinks and sumptuous dishes. It was the time of high honor and refreshment. Performers were recognized with awards.

Y-Axis Presents Hyderabad Walks for Heal-A-Child

Y-Axis regularly makes contribution to the society through its association with the Heal-a-Child Foundation. It organized a fund raising event on 3 September 2017 at Novotel Hotel for the cause of treatment of ailing new born babies. Y-Axis was the lead sponsor of this event that witnessed the participation of Namrata Shirodkar who was the special guest. The event, which brought together the who’s who of Hyderabad, was an initiative to provide medical intervention to babies in need.

Annual Day Celebrations 2016

Y-Axis celebrated its 17th Anniversary at Park Hyatt, Hyderabad. The Y-Axis family gathered from all corners of the world. A good time was had by all. It had inspirational talks, dance performances, drinks and delicious food. Performances were recognized and people behind it were awarded.


Y-Axis lends a helping hand to Dhimavaram Village in Tamil Nadu

After floods devastated parts of Tamil Nadu, Y-Axis kicked into gear to lend a helping hand to the village of Dhimavaram. The village is situated only 80 kilometers away from Chennai. However, it took our employees 2 ½ hours to reach the village. Such was the state of roads. On reaching the destination, area counselors helped us distribute bed sheets to 75 families in need. We at Y-Axis believe that we should reach out to as many people as possible in relief works.

The Y-Axis Cricket Team Wins the Runners-up Cup

This Sunday’s Corporate Cup 2015 Finals witnessed a clash between Y-Axis and Tata Consultancy Services at the VBCC Grounds. Playing under the December sun, TCS beat Y-Axis to take the coveted cup away from us. Y-Axis is proud of our boys who had a brilliant winning streak in the finals. We won the Runner’s-up cup and this was a proud moment for the Y-Axis Cricket Team.

Y-Axis Awards Night - 2015

Y-Axis celebrated another year of being the best in its field on the 3rd of October this year. The event saw many cheerful faces. The company rewarded the work of many of its employees for their excellence. The party was thoroughly enjoyed. Awards were given, music was played, yummy food was served and, of course, some inspirational speeches were given to motivate us to repeat the story of success every year.


Reboot Plus at St. Peters Engineering College in association with JCI Prospectrum and Y-Axis Overseas Careers. We were glad to talk about Reboot , an initiative for undergraduate students to gain entrepreneurial outlook.

X! Travel Club Presents Heal-a-Child Fashion Show 2015

Once again it is that time of the year when Y-Axis does its bit to contribute to the life of the needy children. Heal-A-Child foundation had organized a fund raising walk in Hyderabad in the same context. We are proud to announce that X! Travel Club is one of the main sponsors of the event, along with other fashion houses and make up artists who set the stage on fire.The event was graced by actor Mahesh Babu and his wife Namrata as special guests who expressed their support by their presence. The event was an amazing blend of charity and fun which was held to make a difference in the life of an ailing child.

Heal-a-Child Annual Costume Party - March 2015

A charity event at The Westin, Hyderabad, showed the unique and fun side of everyone related to the Heal-a-Child Foundation. All guests at the event dressed in costumes graced the occasion - while one person dressed like a cop, other as lawyer, Y-Axis CEO, Mr. Xavier Augustin, dressed as Pharaoh. The event saw some real fun, but all for a good cause - helping the ailing children to get well and live a healthy & fun-filled life.

Y-Axis Awards Night 2014

Y-Axis celebrated its 15th Anniversary at The Westin, Hyderabad. The much awaited awards night witnessed members of Y-Axis family from offices in India, UK and Australia. They were specially flown in to Hyderabad for the awards night. The best performers were recognized, rewarded and their contributions applauded. Songs, dance, drinks and lavish food made the occasion amazing and memorable. In short, awards night was the time when we discussed "look what we did last year" with a great pride, enthusiasm and sport.

Swachh Bharat Mission - Nov 2014

Cleanliness is no one man's responsibility. It is a common cause that calls each of us towards it. So when cleanliness became a national issue, Y-Axis employees picked up the brooms and cleaned places across the city of Hyderabad. Four teams went to four different areas in the city - Secunderabad, Ameerpet, Sultan Bazar and Banjara Hills - and responsibly cleaned parks and roads. Y-Axis is committed to cleanliness and will always be a part of such initiatives because we believe, "If a place is ugly it becomes uglier and if a place is beautiful it commands respect."

Heal-a-Child Foundation's Christmas Fundraiser Ball - Nov 2014

Heal-a-Child foundation often brings Hyderabad's top personalities - from business to Tollywood and sports - together for a cause. The center of attraction at this Christmas Fundraiser Ball was none other than the Heal-a-Child Goodwill Ambassador Superstar Mahesh Babu. The actor graced the occasion with his presence, took Q & A and opened up like never before. Take a look at the images from this event and also watch Prince Mahesh Babu's exclusive interview at

X! Travel Club presents Hyderbad Walks for Heal-a-Child Fashion Show - Sep 2014

Hyderabad sashay down the ramp during an event organized by Heal-a-Child Foundation at Novotel Hyderabad Convention Center. A dignified walk by the who's who of the city propelled the moral of the foundation which strives for a noble cause of supporting the sick children. The charity fashion show looked bright and happening with everyone decked up to offer their support to the foundation. Heal-a-Child fundraiser walk at HICC was all about the joy of giving to the sick children in desperate need of medical attention.

X! Travel Club Sponsored Quiz on Radio - Sep 2014

X! Travel Club, the travel division of Y-Axis Solutions, recently sponsored a Radio Quiz. The participants from Hyderabad took the challenge posed by K-Circle at Bol Hyderabad 90.4 FM. Here are some images from the event. Check out!

Heal-a-Child's Annual Christmas Fundraiser Ball - DEC 2013

The who's who of Hyderabad recently came together at Heal-a-child's Annual Christmas Fundraiser Ball hosted at a star hotel in the city. Guests were seen talking to each other, taking pictures and discussing the cause - saving the lives of children in desperate need of medical attention. Participants included HAC Brand Ambassador Diana Hayden, Actor Namrata Shirodkar, Y-Axis Vice-Chairperson Sabina Xavier and many others. The event was hosted by Taj Krishna and presented by Ybrant Digital. HAC conducted similar events earlier to raise fund and save lives of ailing children.

X! Travel Club presents Hyderabad Walks for Annual Heal-a-Child Foundation's Fashion Show - Sep 2013

The cause of saving children brought together Hyderabad's Heal-a-Child CSR partners for a fundraising event held at Hotel Taj Krishna. The guest made their way to the event on time and contributed their bid to make a difference to the lives of suffering children. The guests were also seen sharing drinks and exchanging cards for better communication. HAC Brand Ambassadors Actors Diana Hayden and Mahesh Babu were also seen at the event. Well, that's....Raising Funds. Saving Lives.. in real sense.

Heal-a-Child & Taj Krishna Presents Charity Art Fair - Aug 2013

Heal-a-Child Foundation and Taj Krishna in August 2013 hosted a Charity Art Fair. It did not just showcase the best pieces of art that are, but deeply touched the hearts of onlookers. For the art was all about charity. And when Art comes in open to raise funds for ailing children, nothing like it! Pablo Picasso said, "Art washes the dust of daily life off our souls." This time, art certainly gave life to pure souls of sick children in need of medical attention. Check out some of the best artistic works here and contribute to the great cause.

Y-Axis Mount Everest Quiz at Mosaica International School

Y-Axis conducted Mount Everest Quiz at Mosaica International School, Hyderabad. The school children took part with all enthusiasm and met Shekhar Babu, a mountaineer who climbed Mount Everest and also helped a 13-year old do the same. See these images from the Mount Everest Quiz.

Y-Axis Cricket Competition

Ever heard of the saying "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" before? Therefore, to keep boredom at bay, a Cricket competition was held. Separate teams were made for the contest - team leaders, managers and process consultants were all part of the game. It was a cool contest. Winners were suitably rewarded. And runner ups too. These images will give you a glimpse of the Y-Axis Cricket Tournament here.

X!Travel Club Presents Film Nagar Cultural Club Tambola Event

Residents of Film Nagar at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, had a great time at a Cultural Club Tambola Event presented by X! Travel Club. People turned up in large numbers to enjoy the game. They registered at the counters at the venue. A giant screen was set up to display the numbers. While everyone played Tambola with great enthusiasm and interest, the winners, of course, had the last laugh.

Heal-a-Child Foundation's Annual Christmas Ball - Dec 2012

Heal-a-Child Foundation had a charity fundraiser event in December 2012. It was the Annual Christmas Ball that's organized by the foundation every year to raise funds in support of the ailing children. The event witnessed a full house. Guests had a fantastic time listening to music, sharing drinks and chatting on various topics; while they ensured that the purpose of event is met - they contributed their humble donations to the organization. The images are witness of event's success.

X! Travel Club presents Hyderabad walks for Heal-a-Child Foundation - Nov 2012

Walking on the ramp is never easy. But if your walk can help a little kid get his health back, why not - just for once? That's what happened when X! Travel Club organized Hyderabad Walks event for Heal-a-Child Foundation. All the guests present at the occasion dressed to their best made their presence felt - they walked the ramp even if it was their first time. They humbly contributed their time and money to the noble cause. As goes the saying by Marcus Tullius Cicero, "The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk."

Heal-a-Child Foundation's Art Event - Sep 2012

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance," said Aristotle. Therefore, an art event by Heal-a-Child Foundation held in Hyderabad did not just showcase the best artistic pieces, but also emphasized on the beauty of giving. It raised funds that paid for medical treatment of sick children. Here are some pictures from the art event.

Y-Axis Asha Quiz - June 2012

A corporate quiz organized by Y-Axis Solutions Pvt. Ltd., had participants from top MNCs and B-Schools. The competition held at the Indian School of Business at Gachibowli, Hyderabad, had questions ranging from sports, to entertainment, technology, movies and the city of Hyderabad. Each of 55 teams that participated in the quiz paid an entry fees of Rs. 3,000/-. The winning team got Rs. 20,000/- and the runner ups a little lesser than that. Quiz master E.M. Bhargava of Quizerati kept the spirits high throughout the event.

I want to become a..

What would you want to become when you grow up? As a child you would say, either a 'doctor', an 'engineer', a 'pilot', or any other well-heard of profession. But the kids at Mosaica International School of Hyderabad, have more to say. Putting their faith in the future, the kids in all their innocence, gave out some wonderful professions. Check out what they want to become when they grow up...


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