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About Information Technology Industry in Hong Kong

Information technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or enterprise. The term is commonly used as a synonym for computers and computer networks, but it also encompasses other information distribution technologies such as television and telephones. Several industries More »

IT Business Analyst

Overview An IT Business Analyst’s job is to create project plans for information technology development and testing. The goal is to identify how information technology can help satisfy business and customer requirements. Such professionals work in a variety of industries. And the scope of industry opportunities for these types of analysts is virtually unlimited. Any More »

Computer Programmer

Overview The basic role of a computer programmer is to create and modify the software programs that provide the instructions that tell a computer how to accomplish a specific task. They write these programs in special languages known as programming languages (such as C++) that allow computers to understand and accomplish the desired goals of More »

Database Administrator (DBA)

Overview: A database administrators main task is to maintain and support the large files that contain a company’s business information. His/her responsibility is to ensure that the information contained in those files is constantly available to the users of that information. The database administrator implements, configures and troubleshoots database instances, replication, backup, partitions, storage, and More »

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Consultant

Overview An ERP consultant is much like a complex machine in how they operate. Most of the tasks that an ERP consultant needs to accomplish are done through delegation of labour to other businesses and vendors to maximize productivity. What does fall on ERP consultants is their ability to create, maintain, and operate a database More »

Information Technology (IT) Consultant

Overview Information technology (IT) consultants work with clients to assist in their computer and other technology needs. IT consultants facilitate the development and implementation of improvements to IT systems used by the client. They also manage new installations of software and hardware as well as data migrations. In addition, IT consultants resolve computer system and More »

Network Engineer

Overview: Network engineers provide expertise in an important aspect of any business that uses a network of computers to communicate. Their skills are very similar to that of an information technology specialist. The position of network engineer is vital to the success and everyday activity for businesses where employees use computers on a technological network More »

Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)

Overview Oracle database administrators (DBA) solely support oracle databases and the product data management systems, websites and software applications that access oracle. They perform the initial installation of oracle and upgrade existing databases to new oracle versions. They will back up the systems regularly and perform restorations as needed. Tasks: Build and deploy databases for More »

Information Technology (IT) Director

Overview: Information technology (IT) directors provide direction to an organization in matters involving relationships with external technology vendors or providers and management of an organization’s IT security from the operating system level to the enterprise level. They are also responsible for ensuring that all levels pass the mandatory periodic security audits and conduct periodic IT More »

Project Manager-IT

Overview: Information Technology (IT) project managers lead their technical team(s) in design and development tasks. They assist the test teams in their efforts to create test plans, and they make sure that the software quality is up to par. Additionally, they coordinate the delivery of development and production releases, making sure that the quality assurance More »

Project Manager (Software Development)

Overview Project managers head a team of software engineers.They are constantly working to develop new software which is either a completely new technical idea or an improvement over a previous one. Tasks: Coordinate delivery of development and production releases which should meet quality assurance standards. Assist test teams in creating test plans and testing efforts. More »

Bar Manager

Overview: Bar managers are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of a bar operate smoothly. Their work settings range from standalone bars to restaurants to large venues such as hotels and stadiums. They perform a mixture of physical and analytical tasks as they accomplish their job responsibilities. Work tasks are basically divided into two distinct More »

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers hold many responsibilities. They typically are supervisors to cashiers, front-line staff, cooks and greeters. Most frequently they report to general managers. Tasks: Organize and conduct pre-shift and departmental meetings. Hire, train and develop all restaurant staff. Make sure that the equipment in the restaurant is up to date. Make sure that the restaurant More »

General Manager (Hotel)

Overview A general manager (hotel) is required to oversee employees, fiscal operations and all other aspects of the hotel’s everyday operations. Managing a hotel requires a commitment to a location and its reputation. A hotel manager is responsible for all departments of the hotel while being required to develop an operational budget. Tasks: Develop an More »

Civil Engineer

Overview: Civil engineers are tasked to make the environment more amenable for humans while maintaining and improving its integrity. A civil engineer creates plans and designs for construction of various types of structures and may oversee the execution of the plans. Civil engineers are involved in planning and building all kinds of infrastructure such as More »

Electronic Engineers

Overview Electronic engineers are responsible for designing, maintaining, implementing, and improving electrical instruments and equipment. They must be able to apply principles of electrical theory to engineering projects, and must additionally inspect completed projects to ensure conformance to design standards. Tasks Inspect completed projects to ensure conformance to design standards. Apply principles of electrical theory More »

Mechanical Engineer

Overview Mechanical engineers participate in the planning and manufacturing of new products by performing engineering duties and developing, designing and testing mechanical devices. Tasks: Perform engineering duties; develop, design, and test mechanical devices. Write technical reports, handbooks, and bulletins for use by staff or customers. Estimate time and cost to complete projects. Research designs and More »

Electrical Engineer

Overview: Electrical engineers are responsible for designing, maintaining, implementing, and improving electrical instruments and equipment. They must be able to apply principles of electrical theory to engineering projects, and must additionally inspect completed projects to ensure conformance to design standards. Sometimes computer aided design (CAD) skills will be required. Like with other engineering positions, strong More »

Structural Engineer

A structural engineer designs and supervises the construction of structures like buildings, bridges and railways. Tasks: Ensures that a structure will remain safe, economical and functional for its life time. Designs refurbishment schemes to ensure the safety of old structures. Investigates immediate loads and demands on a structure and calculates future changes that may affect More »

Environmental Engineer

Overview Environmental engineers use engineering and science principles to design solutions that will help in solving environmental problems. There are many types of projects that environmental engineers work on, but a few examples include designing plans to reduce pollution, improving recycling efforts, and increasing the efficiency of waste disposal. Many environmental engineers work for the More »

Human Resource Manager

Overview: Human Resource (HR) managers work with a team of professionals to support a company’s growth and operation. HR managers oversee daily operations, business planning and budget development for human resources programs. Tasks: Advice and coach managers on HR policies and programs including employee relations issues. Manage daily departmental operations, business planning and budget development More »


Overview: The job responsibilities of waiters can vary depending upon the type of establishment in which they are employed. However, no matter what their specific job duties are, there are a few skills that are universal and must be followed at all times. A few of those skills include kindness, punctuality, multitasking, and the ability More »

Front Desk Receptionist

Overview The front desk receptionist is the first line of contact with those who contact the office, including visitors, customers, and the general public. As the position requires a great deal of interaction with people, a socially outgoing and gregarious person would do well in the job. The receptionist will greet and respond to all More »

Dot NET Software Engineer

A Dot NET software engineer writes code to generate web pages, accesses databases and business logic servers. Tasks: Writes, modifies and debugs software for web sites. Tests and documents software for web sites. Works with designers and content producers. Sometimes needs to take leadership role while handling a team on technically challenging tasks. Expertise: Must More »

Account Executive

Account executives are members of a company’s sales team and sell the organization’s products and/or services to established customers or new prospects. Tasks: Handle the entire sales process from proposal to close. Prepare and maintain records for sales leads and account status. Reach or exceed sales quotas. Perform extensive research to learn all about the More »

Account Manager

Overview An account manager is responsible for maximizing the profits for the company and at the same time ensuring high level of customer satisfaction for the products or services being offered. Tasks: Responsible to bring new clients on board as well as developing new business opportunities within the existing client base. Anticipates the customers’ needs and More »

Accounting Assistant

Overview: An Accounting Assistant supports a company in its day-to-day accounting duties with the focus on administrative, clerical, and data-entry duties. Tasks: Uploads and scans documents for entry into the company’s document-tracking software. Processes invoices. Files, sorts and faxes documents and correspondence. Answers phone calls; reviews documents for accuracy and completeness; tracks inventory; and works More »

Accounting Clerk

Overview: Accounting clerks are usually under the supervision of Financial Managers within a specific department, and are expected to perform financial verifications and also prepare and submit various health or tax applications (depending on their area of expertise) and interview prospective applicants. Tasks: Accounting clerks are expected to work closely with specific financial applications/software that More »


Overview Actuaries typically work with complex and broad data sets such as mortality, accident, sickness, disability and retirement rates to aide insurance companies in assessing risk among different classification of people and behavior. These professionals are employed majorly by the financial services industry. Tasks: Gathers, analyses and interprets the output of large data sets. Analyses statistical More »

Architect (But not Landscape or Naval)

Overview: An architect designs buildings and oversees the construction of the buildings they have designed. Being an architect is a very important job, and therefore those hoping to join this career must have advanced education and licensure. Architecture is a legally protected field, meaning that those without these requirements cannot practice architecture. A time intensive More »

Area Sales Manager

Overview: An area sales manager handles a number of departmental or organizational responsibilities. They orchestrate a sales team, set short-term and long-term goals for a sales division, collaborate with other departments and conduct meetings. An area sales manager also documents and presents sales data, analyses sale and industry trends and communicates with board members. Task: More »

Web Programmer

Overview: Programming is an intricate art of telling a computer what to do, which means giving written instructions in a logical manner that the computer can understand. Essentially, web programmer gives the computer small steps of instructions, and the computer goes down the list, executing each one in order. The programming allows the web programmer More »

Web Developer

Overview: Web developers work in a team with graphic designers and web designers to develop websites with HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and other coding methods to improve the effectiveness of a website. Web developers focus on the concept, interface design, and layout of a website from design to launch. They may build and test the More »

Assistant Professor

Overview The position of assistant professor offers a unique opportunity to shape the education of young individuals as well as perform research in the field of specialization. As an assistant professor the performance in these two areas will determine how successful one becomes in obtaining tenure. The position of assistant professor is a perfect job More »

Web Designer

Overview: The main task of a web designer is to plan and set up websites and interactive mobile technologies for various clients. Web designers communicate with customers and work with internal teams to code websites to the latest standards. A strong interest in graphic design and a passion for clean code are necessary for web More »

Brand Manager

Overview: A brand manager’s responsibilities are multipronged, ranging from product development management and subsequent marketing, to developing and managing partner relationships and creating marketable portfolios for products and develop consumer communications in collaboration with corporate advertising. Tasks: Develops plans and subsequently executes projects that are contingent with a coherent marketing strategy. Develops specific objectives with More »

Business Analyst (Finance/Banking)

Overview A business analyst is someone who scrutinizes the financial aspects of the business and determines if there are any changes that could be made to make the business more successful. Tasks: Makes recommendations and changes to improve the business. Develops and implements goals and procedures based on the data they analyse. Designs feasible and More »

Business Consultant

Overview Business Consultant plays an important role in how successful the company is or can be. Most of the time, these consultants are hired during the start-up process of a new business, and it is their job to revitalize and organize the company to help it run more efficiently. Business consultants also may be in More »

Business Development Director

Overview: Business development directors can have a varied range of tasks pertaining to a company’s overall business development. They often answer directly to the owner of a company, board of directors, and/or to shareholders. Tasks: Develop the necessary strategies for the smooth functioning of the business. Various tasks include fine tuning of departmental tasks, aligning More »

Vice President (VP), Sales and Marketing

These professionals have got 3 primary tasks: 1. Finding leads for their business. 2. Closing sales. 3. Ensuring that subordinates are closing the sales. Tasks: 1. Analyse sales statistics to determine sales potential. 2. Monitor customer preferences and inventory requirements. 3. Ensure that the services are in compliance with professional and company policy standards. 4. More »

Vice President/General Manager, Sales

Overview: A VP of sales works diligently to establish their products in a given market. Refines company policies and strategies to increase revenue. Identifies potential issues with products or their marketing. The professional typically performs on a regional level or on a national level. Tasks: Supervises and manages a large number of sales managers. Ensures More »

Vice President (VP)/General Manager

A Vice President (VP)/General Manager (GM) is an executive who oversees all departments of a business. GM works with other executives, including chief operating officers and reports to the president and/or the chief executive officer of an organization. Tasks: Implements ideas to improve the processes and production of each department. Determines and formulates policies and More »

Vice President (VP), Finance

Vice Presidents of finance are typically at the top of a business’ hierarchical structure. They keep their business profitable; ensure spending is low and stay in line with government regulations. Tasks: Direct finances and coordinate the budgets. Set milestones and goals while planning the budget. Oversee the duties carried out by the lower level employees More »


Overview: Underwriters work for banks and other financial institutions. They assess the risk factor in accepting applicants for different services such as loans, mortgages, equity, insurance and capital. Their primary duty is to protect the financial institution for which they work, from losing money. Tasks: Review an applicant’s credit history, age, financial situation and other More »

Training Manager

A training manager is responsible for working with departments, perhaps the entire company, to identify training needs. Tasks: Responsible for searching, conducting and coordinating training. Supervises team trainers, who conduct training for other employees. Prepares training presentations or Power Points as well as write lesson plans. Researches costs of specific training sessions. Support performance management More »

Test/Quality Assurance Engineer

Test/ quality assurance (QA) engineer (computer software) makes sure that the software does what it’s supposed to do. Tasks: Creates test plans and tests cases to determine whether certain parts of the program function as written. When issues arise, QA engineer is responsible for finding and debugging rough spots in the code. Reviews user interfaces More »

Technical Consultant

Most technical consultants are hired for projects requiring significant knowledge in a particular technical area. They are usually hired through a consulting or staffing firm. Qualities: Need to be customer service oriented and detail oriented. Excellent communication skills, listening skills and a flexibility to adapt to changing situations at work. Must be a good team More »

Systems Engineer

A systems engineer (IT) is in charge of creating computer systems for clients and a system to debug systems with glitches or problems. In-charge of working on all hardware and software systems; creates or manages power systems as well. Tasks: Creates the most efficient program for the client. Some systems engineers also work on robotic More »

Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Manager oversees and coordinates key parts of the franchise supply chain. Three main job responsibilities include: Promoting team work between the sales team and customer service team. Developing and maintaining policies on general logistics and procedures. Maintaining inventory based on the demand. Tasks: Optimizing the inventory and supply chain activities. Documentation of the More »

Special Education Teacher (Preschool, Kindergarten, or Elementary School)

Overview: Special education teachers take care of children with special needs or learning disabilities. Tasks: Give individual attention to each student in the class. Maintain accurate student records. Communicate the progress report of students to their parents, guardians and administrators. Plan, assign and evaluate lessons, projects and tests. Qualities: Should be able to assess the More »

SAP Consultant

A SAP consultant helps a company build system applications and products. SAP typically encompasses systems that involve managing finances and accounting as well as sales distribution on an enterprise scale. SAP consultants work with clients who provide a need for a structure to be built either from an initiation level or up-gradation of the system More »

Sales Associate

Sales associates sell the organization’s products/ services to new or established customers. They are the primary workers who drive the retail industry. Their position is generally the starting point for all jobs in the retail industry. Qualities: They must be friendly and should be able to work with the public in providing assistance while also More »

Retail Store Manager

Retail store managers are in charge of selling the company’s products and services to new customers as well as the existing customers. It is their job to see that the store runs effectively and efficiently. Tasks: Monitor and prioritize workflow and schedules. Handle and resolve escalated customer complaints and issues that may arise. Manage the More »

Regional Sales Manager

Regional Sales Managers preside over multiple store locations in one area. Meet with store managers and review how each store is doing in terms of sales. Tasks: Assist in implementing ideas which will contribute to the store’s increased sales. Participate in the hiring process to meet the staffing requirement of the various stores. Develop, forecast More »

Recruitment Consultants

Recruitment Consultants work with companies to attract talented workers to fill open employment positions. Tasks: Collaborate with management to analyse where new employees are needed and work to develop a recruitment strategy. Create search and sourcing strategies to find their pool of potential candidates. Pre-screen the candidates and recommend qualified candidates to the company’s hiring More »

Quality Manager

A quality manager ensures that a company’s products meet client or consumer demands. Tasks: Directing and advising employees and checking products to ensure their quality throughout the production process. Identify errors and rectify them in case the item doesn’t meet quality standards. Come up with creative, effective ways to manage product quality and the production More »

Account Manager (Sales)

The account manager of sales is responsible for overseeing their sales team and providing them with support and direction. Tasks: Ensures execution of the developed sales strategies, plans, and advertising or promotional programs. Maintains contact with key markets by visiting and investigating the operations and local conditions. Ensures activities are in accordance to the developed More »