Information Technology Industry

Germany’s information technology and telecommunications (ITC) is considered as one of the most innovative in the world. With the ITC market as the world’s fourth-largest. 12% of the current international patent applications in the field of ITC have been filed by German companies. Every year, Germany also hosts the world’s largest IT trade fair and More »

Software Development Engineer (SDE)

Overview: A software development engineer should be well-versed in a number of different computer programming languages such as C, C++, Java, HTML, Python, or Perl. Experience in building systems on a cloud infrastructure is also helpful. Tasks: Write, modify, and debug software for web sites. Test and document software for client applications. Use source debuggers More »

Software Developer

Overview Software developers usually work with a team of others with the same title. They work in bringing together ideas to create new computer programs and improve on existing software. These may be video games, web browsers, writing tools, photography editing programs, and even entire operating systems such as Windows. Tasks: Write, modify, and debug More »

Project Manager

Overview: Information Technology (IT) project managers lead their technical team(s) in design and development tasks. They assist the test teams in their efforts to create test plans, and they make sure that the software quality is up to par. Additionally, they coordinate the delivery of development and production releases, making sure that quality assurance standards More »

Test/Quality Assurance Engineer

Overview: Some test/quality assurance (QA) engineers work with computer science-related applications. A lot of what they do involve making sure that the software does what it’s supposed to do. Tasks: Find bugs, defects, and regressions. Design, implement, execute and debug information technology test cases and scripts. Validate and document completion of testing and development. Automate More »

Information Technology (IT) Consultant

Overview Information Technology (IT) consultants work with clients to assist in their computer and other technological needs. Tasks: Facilitate the development and implementation of improvements to IT systems used by the client. Manage new installations of software and hardware as well as data migrations. Resolve computer system and network issues for clients. Expertise: An associate’s More »

Software Architect

Overview Software architects are information technology professionals who play a major role in designing software. The software architect is one of the primary sources of ideas in designing software. Tasks Conceive, experiment and present architectural approaches for software applications, including web, client, server, and others. Ensure architectural integrity and consistency across the entire product. Design More »

SAP Basis Administrator

Overview: A SAP basis administrator’s work deals with the functionality of SAP business software. This software is what many businesses are using for their financial accounting and reporting. The SAP basis administrator is responsible for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of SAP systems, including performance upgrades, security upgrades and purchased add-ons. Tasks: Monitor and ensure More »

Dot NET Software Developer/Programmer

Job description Dot NET software engineers will basically write code to generate web pages, access databases and business logic servers. They write, modify and debug software for websites. DOT NET software developers must have experience using databases, systems and programming languages to develop software applications with the .NET framework. They test and document software for More »

IT Business Analyst

Overview Business Analysts (IT) act as a bridge between the customers and the business organization. They interact with the customers to understand their requirements and communicate the same to the team. Tasks Brainstorm both within and outside IT department to test different ideas to support the project. Test prototype software which is to be implemented. More »

Information Technology (IT) Director

Overview: Information Technology (IT) directors provide direction to an organization in matters involving relationships with external technology vendors or providers and management of an organization’s IT security from the operating system level to the enterprise level. Tasks: Manage security of network, systems and enterprise information. Review the performance of IT systems to determine operating costs, More »

Information Technology Manager

Overview: Information Technology managers are important to any business that uses a network of computers for employees to work and communicate with. Their job is very technical and requires specific training to understand mathematical computer languages. Tasks: Prepare, maintain and keep updated IT procedures and documentation related to our processes and platform operations. Supervise, hire More »

Information Technology Specialist (IT)

Overview Information Technology specialists are needed in most office settings. They are highly important for the staff to solve the IT related issues with the applications they use. Also, they play a key role in coming out with new ideas to enhance the way businesses work. Tasks Coordinate the set-up of data services, as well More »

Lead Software Development Engineer (SDE)

Overview: A lead software development engineer (SDE) plays a very important role for a large number of businesses and corporations due to the reliance on computers and technology of this modern age. The qualifications required involve a number of high-level technical skills as well as an important character trait associated with being an effective leader. More »

Network Administrator

Overview IT network administrators are responsible for supporting groups of computers and other technology devices that are interconnected and communicate using different computer technologies, such as local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN). Tasks: Provide hands-on network administration support, network maintenance and operations support. Recommend networking software and hardware enhancements. Build, configure, and More »

Network Engineer

Overview: Network engineers provide expertise in an important aspect of any business that uses a network of computers to communicate. Their skills are very similar to that of an information technology specialist. The position of network engineer is vital to the success and everyday activity of businesses where employees use computers on a technological network More »

Computer Programmer

Overview: Computer Programmer writes and amends software programs which instruct the computer to accomplish a specific task. Programming languages (such as C++) are used to accomplish the desired goal. To effectively understand and obtain the desired results from their software program, programmers collaborate closely with both the end-users and the system administrators of the networks More »

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Consultant

Overview: An ERP consultant creates, maintains and operates a database that streamlines operations and allows everyone who is part of the business to get their necessary data. Tasks: Documents the state of configuration of the software being developed. Needs to improve the efficiency of the software developed on an on-going basis based on the response More »

Web Developer

Overview: Web developers design, create, and implement software code in order to improve the effectiveness of a website. They work on a team with graphic designers and web designers to develop websites with HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and other coding methods. Web developers focus on the concept, interface design, and layout of a website from More »

UNIX System Administrator

Overview A UNIX systems administrator must be knowledgeable with the UNIX operating system. This is imperative, as the duties of this administrator include installing, configuring, and maintaining the UNIX operating system and all other applications as needed. Tasks: Recognize and troubleshoot problems with server hardware and applications software. Install, configure, maintain, and upgrade UNIX server More »

Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)

Overview: Oracle database administrators (DBA) solely support oracle databases and the product data management systems, websites and software applications that access oracle. Tasks: Build and deploy databases for new customers. Maintain and tune up existing customer databases. Manage backup and recovery routines. Install and configure oracle and SQL server in hosted and enterprise environments. Design More »

PHP Developer

Overview: Working as a PHP developer requires the ability to work with many web-based tools and products to help create and execute websites, widgets, and applications requested by clients. Tasks: Develop coding and design tasks to ensure the software meets specified performance and reliability requirements. Conduct systems programming and systems support activities. Design, deploy and More »

Project Manager (Software Development)

Overview The project manager of software development is a position in high demand in today’s technical world. Virtually every business nowadays makes use of computers and networking systems. Whether the company has a software division of their own or they use purchased software, the project manager of software development has plenty to do with his More »

Aeronautical Engineer

Overview: Aeronautical Engineering is a highly challenging and rewarding career. Working in offices, computer rooms, hangars and outdoors to take care of the functionality of an aircraft which also involves mental and physical processes is part and parcel of this career.  Aeronautical Engineers constantly work with people like engineers, mechanics, supervisors and FAA (Federation Aviation More »

Automotive Engineer

Overview: Automotive Engineers design and develop road and rail vehicles to help people commute and for transportation of goods. They monitor manufacturing processes, ensure the operational readiness and the rational use of technical equipment; perform duties in customer service or sales of vehicles and vehicle components. They work in automotive technology engineering and manufacturing departments More »

Chemical Engineer

Overview Chemical engineers solve problems such as pollution, world hunger, and energy demands. They also come out with ideas to improve the existing chemical manufacturing processes to make them more environmental friendly. Most of the time, they work indoors, in the laboratories using the latest technologies. Tasks: Coordinate with engineers from different fields to get More »

Electrical Engineers

Overview Electrical engineers design and build electrical products. Such professionals take up senior positions in manufacturing, operations or sales of products and services in information technology and telecommunications, electrical power engineering, automation technology and microelectronics. They work in interior design and production departments of companies in the electronics industry. They are also employed in machinery More »

Industrial Engineer

Overview: Industrial engineers are responsible for the labour in a company’s manufacturing unit. They decide what kind of work needs to be done, and they find ways to increase productivity of both the machines and the manpower. They help maximize factors of production like labour, technology, material and energy. Tasks: Understands the product requirement, designs More »

Mechanical Design Engineer

Overview Mechanical design engineers are essential to any industry that uses machinery for production or operations. They are responsible for creating and building new machines or improving on current ones. Their job supports the growth of technology and the increase in efficiency in production for many industries. Tasks: Set the direction of the design staff More »

Mechanical Engineer

Overview Mechanical engineers design and construct machinery as well as individual components. They deal specifically with the problems of power transmission, strength and movement functions. Calculate the mechanical forces acting on fixed and movable elements of a newly developed device and select or develop accordingly the durable materials and structures. Also plan, direct and monitor More »

Petroleum Engineer

Overview: Petroleum engineers design and oversee the production and methods for retrieving oil and natural gas from various depths beneath the earth’s surface. Most petroleum engineers work for oil companies. Others work at universities or research facilities. Tasks: Oversee drilling and offer technical advice to achieve economical and satisfactory progress. Devise methods to improve oil More »

Project Engineer

Overview Project engineers use their technical and engineering knowledge to manage a project from initiation till the closure. They estimate timelines, schedules, risks, and costs related to the technical aspects of the projects. Some of their tasks are similar to management-level duties, such as supervising and training project staff. Tasks: Plan and organize technical projects More »

Construction Project Manager

Overview: Construction project manager is the ultimate authority on the development and completion of construction projects. They are also responsible for making sure the job is in compliance with quality standards. The responsibilities of the construction project manager cover all areas of project management, including project planning, time management, contract administration, cost management, quality management, More »

Quality Assurance Engineer

  Job description: Quality assurance (QA)/quality control (QC) engineers are responsible for ensuring the quality of products and services produced by their company. They oversee the manufacturing of products and they are involved in every stage of making a product–from development and manufacturing to packaging. QA/QC engineers must make sure that their product complies with More »

Structural Engineer

Overview Structural engineers design and supervise the construction of structures like buildings, bridges and railways. Structural engineers have to make sure that a structure will remain safe, economical and functional for its lifetime. Tasks: Manage and direct staff at the project site. Perform engineering duties; plan, design and oversee the construction and maintenance of buildings, More »

Aerospace Engineer

Overview: Aerospace Engineers are mastermind for aircrafts, missiles, space crafts and satellites. They are involved in the analysis, design and manufacturing of these heavy vehicles. Tasks Design aircrafts, missiles, space crafts and satellites. Testing the prototypes to ensure the desired functionality. Conduct research to evaluate adaptability of materials and equipment to design and manufacture aircraft. Job More »

Hotel General Manager

Overview: A General Manager (hotel) is required to oversee employees, fiscal operations and all other aspects of the hotel’s everyday operations. Tasks: Responsible for the development of all departments of the hotel. Required to develop operational budget for all the departments. Maintains all salaries records and monitors overall expenses. Audits paperwork daily, weekly and monthly More »


Overview The job responsibilities of waiters can vary depending upon the type of establishment in which they are employed. However, no matter what their specific job duties are, there are a few skills that are universal and must be followed at all times. A few of those skills include kindness, punctuality, multitasking, and the ability More »

3D Artist

Overview: If you have passion to draw and interest in using computer, you stand out to have a brilliant chance to be a 3D Artist. Demand has increased in the recent past for 3D professionals because of the advancement in technology. The areas one can look into for opportunities as a 3D Artist are animated movies, More »

Creative Director

Overview: The creative director is a position found in industries where expression and creativity are required, such as music, fashion, graphic design, advertising, film, entertainment and media. Tasks: Creates and implements new ideas with the help of the team. Coordinate with the team members to get the work done. Provide necessary feedback to the team More »

Graphic Artist / Designer

Overview Graphic artists/designers are employed in many different industries in which the need for visually stimulating designs are necessary. They may work in different departments of a business such as marketing or production, but they usually work among a team of people with the same title. Graphic artists/designers are fortunate that they may work with the ideas More »

Video Game Designer

Overview: Video game designers envision, plan, and create multi-player games for the interactive entertainment industry. Communicate with engineers, programmers, and a team of artists to develop game features that retain players for long period of time. They strive to extend the gaming experience by implementing score tracking methods and other ways to enhance competition among More »

Web Designer

Overview: The main task of a web designer is to plan and set up websites and interactive mobile technologies for various clients. Web designers communicate with customers and work with internal teams to code websites to the latest standards. They also provide technical support and solve website-related problems for clients and co-workers. Designers must be More »

Animation Industry

Germany’s lack of one main production center is something of a problem. But the federal structure had its benefits since, as with live-action production, the German states via with each other to attract animation studios to locate to their region by providing attractive incentives. This is reflected in the seven leading animation studios for the More »

Building and Construction Industry

This sector is one of the largest employers in the country. Nearly 73,000 companies are active in the main construction trades offering shell construction and  civil engineering services and around 44,000 companies provide finishing, interior fitting and renovation services. As many other industries are linked with this sector, this sector has become the economy driver More »

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Overview: Aesthetic plastic surgeons carry out functionally restorative and plastic surgery procedures to reconstruct and improve the bodily form and bodily functions which are clearly impaired. Their task area also includes follow-up care. The exercise of the profession is regulated. To work as a Specialist/ Doctor in plastic and aesthetic surgery, you need medical license or More »

Agricultural Laboratory Technician

Overview Agricultural Laboratory Technicians undertake laboratory work in the field of agricultural testing and studies. They analyse materials such as seed, feed and fertilizer and soil samples and pathogens affecting livestock. Usually completed training in Agriculture and technical laboratory is required for access to the activity. A certificate issued in accordance with phytosanitary expertise regulation More »

Air Traffic Management Assistant

Overview: Air Traffic Management Assistants plan, organise and monitor the transportation of passengers and freight. They work in the field of customer advice and support, aircraft ground handling, sale of freight space, marketing, human resources, finance and accounting. They mainly work for airport operators, airlines and charter airlines. They also find employment at air freight More »


Overview: Anatomists are concerned with the scientific investigation and teaching of issues related to the structure, appearance and coaction of the human organism. They mainly work in hospitals, at clinics attached to institutes of higher education and at anatomical institutes. They may also be employed in medical research or teaching. The exercise of the profession More »

Appliance Assembler

Overview Appliance Assemblers assemble prefabricated components to produce complete appliances or sub-assemblies for small machines. Appliance Assemblers work across a wide range of industrial production branches in any sector where components are assembled to form larger units or finished products. Employers may include companies which operate in the machine and plant construction sector, manufacturers of More »


Overview: Architects design buildings and public works mainly in the field of construction engineering. They plan and monitor construction work. To practice their activities, architects accord due consideration to design, technical, economic, ecological and social aspects. Architects work for architectural, engineering and design companies. Further career prospects are offered by insurance companies and institutions involved More »


Overview: Biologists analyse and research structures and processes in humans, animals, plants and micro-organisms. They investigate living environments, development reciprocal effects with other living beings or with the respective environment. Their findings are applied in areas such as environmental protection or in medical or pharmaceutical practice. Biologists primarily work for institutes of higher education and More »

Business Economist

Overview Business Economists plan, organise and monitor the business activities of private sector companies or government offices engaged in commercial services. They support the economic decision-making processes in functional areas such as data processing, investment and financing, accounting, controlling, internal audits, human resource, procurement, inventory management and logistics, production, marketing or sales. They analyse facts More »

Cable Worker

Overview: Cable workers are mainly employed by companies involved in the manufacture of articles such as electric cables, cable circuits or wires for engines and vehicles. They also work for manufacturers of wire products. Cable workers produce electrical cables, conductors and cable circuits of all kinds and for all areas of deployment. They set up More »

Doctor / Physician

German hospitals are facing a shortage of doctors since last few years. There is a need for several thousand additional doctors throughout Germany. The demand will continue to rise in coming years as well because many doctors are going to retire. In the field of private practice, particularly in eastern Germany and rural areas, it More »

Care Assistant for Older People

Support geriatric nurses in all activities related to the care and nursing of older people. Field of Work: Geriatric and geropsychiatric departments at hospitals. Nursing homes. Rehabilitation clinics. Old peoples residential and care homes. Residential homes for people with disabilities. Institutions providing advice to senior citizens. Associations offering nursing care services including visiting services. Private More »

Computer Scientist

Overview: Computer scientists develop, program and modify hardware and software, especially in the context of complex information, communication and control systems. Usually they take on tasks in one of the four classical parts of the computer science: (a) Theoretical or Practical Computer Science. (b) Technical or Applied Computer Science. (c) System Administration. (d) Project management. More »

Health and Care Industry

The health and care sector is among the largest and most dynamic sectors in Germany’s economy. The regular introduction of new and innovative products and services makes the industry one of the strongest-growing employment sectors. The sector offers services and products that are linked to maintain or restore health, which include the services of medical More »

Civil Engineer

Overview Civil engineers plan, design and construct buildings in the areas of building construction and industrial construction. In addition they coordinate and supervise the construction. They work primarily in construction companies, housing associations or in public service. Moreover they also work with manufacturers of building materials. Germany has a high demand for civil engineers. There More »

Automotive Engineering

Companies in the automotive industry of Germany are distinguished by their high technological skill and innovation. The country is a strong player in the dynamic market which is characterized by constant structural and technological change. With annual expenditures amounting to some €20 billion, the automotive industry spends more money on research and development than any More »

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Mechanical and Plant Engineering is one of the most innovative industries in Germany, setting standards in developing and applying future technologies. Most of the mechanical engineering applications filed at the European Patent Office come from Germany. In 2012, the German mechanical and plant engineering accounted for 16.7% of machinery traded worldwide, making it the world’s More »

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

A multifaceted industry with not only experts in production of electrical appliances, consumer electronics and lighting technology, but also the industry is abode to cutting-edge technology industries such as Nano technology and chip production. The sector mostly consists of small and medium-sized companies. Close to 40% of the revenue is generated from new products and More »

Health and Pediatric Nurses

Health and pediatric nurses support and treat infants, children and adolescents who are ill or require care. Tasks: Implement measures prescribed by doctors. Assist with medical examination and treatment. Document patient’s data. Psychological care. Field of work: Special wards in hospitals for children, adolescents or infants. Health centres, residential homes for disabled children and adolescents. More »

Geriatric Nursing professionals

These professionals have promising employment prospects. A profession which is currently experiencing particular growth. Demand for qualified geriatric nursing professionals is steadily increasing. There are currently around 2.5 million individuals dependent on care. And this number will continue to increase over the coming decades. Role: Support and care for older people in need of assistance. More »

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