See your work have instant impact

Implement your thoughts and ideas in an environment that encourages creative thinking and quick prototyping. Y-Tech is the innovation tech team of Y-Axis Immigration and your work can touch thousands of lives. We are pioneering early adopters of technology and as part of our team you get have the daunting and exciting opportunity to shape our future.

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Our tech evolution

First domain bought

Company-wide Salesforce implementation

Consumer facing Heroku apps

O365 implementation

Your opportunity to innovate

Smart Cloud Solutions

Y-Axis is taking the business of immigration online and as part of the Y-Tech team, you will be at the forefront of this transformation to cloud services. We aim to launch our new platform in 2017 and with it, want to connect clients and our team seamlessly through the cloud.

Quick prototyping

Have ideas you think will work? Y-Tech lets you act on it immediately. We believe in initiative and moving fast and you’ll have all the tools and tech you need at your disposal.

How we Work







Our Culture

At Y-Axis we are the end customers of the technology solutions we create. Work with experts in a challenging entrepreneurial environment and accelerate your learning process. Be the agent of change, from Ideation to Implementation and keep yourself updated with the pulse of the market!

We don’t just code or sell products/services we sell experiences that keep our clients coming back to us asking for more! Our Business and Organisational culture thrive on constant learning and continuous improvement through Kaizen.

Starting from implementing cutting-edge technology, crafting amazing products/services for our customers to giving back to the less fortunate as a part of our corporate social responsibility, we have made an enormous impact in our business landscape since foray.