Life at Y-Axis

When you work with Y-Axis, you change lives. Whether it's study overseas or help with overseas careers, the outcome of our work dramatically changes our clients' future. If this seems like a huge responsibility, it’s because it is. Which is why, Y-Axis rewards performance so handsomely.

A culture of performance

Y-Axis has evolved into a global organization solely on the basis of our performance. We are recognized for our high success rates and this is a direct result of our team’s performance. Across processes, we nurture a competitive spirit that not only helps us deliver but also makes better professionals out of our team.

Rewards and recognition

Y-Axis believes in the philosophy of rewarding merit. We ensure that those who do well are well compensated with promotions, global opportunities and monetary benefits. We have an Annual Rewards and Recognition night where high performers are recognized and presented with our Pearls of Wisdom awards.

Initiative wins

We encourage our team to show initiative and go the extra mile. Our customer success stories are filled with examples and gratitude from clients who have benefited due to our team’s foresight.