Equal Opportunity

At Y-Axis we preach and practice equal opportunity. We are firm believers in judging and hiring individuals based on merit and not on factors such as gender, race, color or any other discriminatory factor. In fact, our leadership team includes women in a number unheard of in most organizations.

No glass ceiling

We believe every person has the potential to excel. There is no cap, no glass ceiling and no restraints on individuals who perform well. We help you go as high as you can, and then some.

Merit based appraisals

The only metric we use to judge individuals is through their performance. We do not consider any other factor while holding appraisals or evaluating our team.

Flexible working hours

Work-Life Balance - Most of our positions are day jobs. There is no rotational shift or night shift. This allows individuals to pursue a career while balancing demands of family and personal obligations. This makes it easier for women returning to the workforce after a break. You achieve work-life balance, while pursuing a meaningful career


Every year, Y-Axis pays out nearly 30% of its profits to employees as bonuses. We are strong believers in sharing our success with our best performers and offer uncapped earnings. Unlike other companies, we offer bonuses on a monthly basis, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your results immediately.