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  • 90% of applications processed in 8 -12 months.
  • Get free or affordable healthcare for yourself and your family.
  • Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence.
  • Great alternative to H1-B.
  • New rules from Nov 2019, get additional points.

Latest Update: ACS & Skill Assesment bodies are open & accepting applications

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Who is Eligible to Apply for this Visa?

  • Should be a graduate
  • 3+ years of experience
  • Must be aged below 45
  • Must be proficient in English

Benefits of applying for an Australian PR Visa

What does having a PR Visa mean?

  • Earn in dollars.
  • Healthcare & retirement benefits.
  • Live, work and study in any Australian state.
  • Sponsor your relatives to join you in Australia.
  • Australian passport allows you to travel visa free to a number of countries.

What are the benefits of having a PR Visa?

  • Income: Earn in dollars.
  • Education: Your kids study in for free in Australian schools. Study in world-class colleges and universities at prices far lower than the US.
  • Health: You can enjoy the best healthcare facilities in the world.
  • Retirement: Australia is rated as one of the best countries in the world and you can be assured of a retirement you will enjoy.
  • Your family: You can sponsor your relatives to join you in Australia.
  • Freedom Live, work and study in any Australian state.
  • Travel: Australian passport allows you to travel visa free to a number of countries.
  • Investment: Best investment for your money. Better returns than gold, mutual funds, stocks or FD.


  • Is Y-Axis OPEN?
  • Yes, its business as usual for Y-Axis. Our cutting-edge cloud platform allows us to work from home without any interruption.
  • Is Australia accepting applications?
  • Yes, Australia is accepting applications online. Department of Home Affairs and Skill Assessment bodies are all open and very much accepting applications for long term visa.
  • Should I apply later?
  • There is no reason why you should hold back. Fundamentally nothing has changed. The departments are open, the rules are the same and the country continues to welcome immigrants as planned. This is only a temporary hiccup.
  • How to make the most of Lockdown?
    • Improve your IELTS scores by attending our Live Classes. Book a One-to-One for 1500 only.
    • Upgrade your professional skills.
    • Make/modify your Linkedin profile. Get recommendations.
    • Create international resume.
  • Why sign up with Y-Axis?
  • When you can't take a chance

    We are the most trusted and popular immigration consultant in the market. The reason why people chose us is when they don’t want to take a chance when its comes to a career and they have too much too lose for a simple mistake.

    When you are looking for Great Value

    Another reason why customers prefer us is the value we bring to the deal. Our combined services from counselling, documentation, coaching, visa application and post landing services is unmatched.

    When you need a dedicated consultant

    You will experience great customer service thanks to our cutting edge technology and culture driven by our passion to create Global Indians.

    When you want a steady company

    The last but not the least why customers sign up is because Y-Axis is as steady as a rock and is financially viable.

Annual Salaries in Australia in 2020

Occupation Salary(PA) Salary(PA)
Engineering $ 103,044 ₹ 49.8 lacs
Finance $ 100,427 ₹ 48.5 lacs
Information Technology $ 99,138 ₹ 47.9 lacs
Legal $ 95,972 ₹ 46.4 lacs
Childcare & Education $ 87,306 ₹ 42.1 lacs
Healthcare & Social services $ 86,268 ₹ 41.7 lacs
Sales & Marketing $ 81,783 ₹ 39.5 lacs
Accounting & Administration $ 77,535 ₹ 37.5 lacs
Construction & Maintenance $ 77,355 ₹ 37.3 lacs
Art $ 73,536 ₹ 35.5 lacs
Shipping & Manufacturing $ 61,119 ₹ 29.5 lacs
Retail & Customer service $ 60,023 ₹ 29.0 lacs
Transportation $ 56,943 ₹ 27.5 lacs
Food services $ 55,895 ₹ 27.0 lacs
Hospitality $ 54,500 ₹ 26.3 lacs

Source: www.neuvoo.ca($1= ₹54.46 as on 9th April 2020 from www.xe.com)

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