Counselor guidance to defer your admission

In case you need to defer your admission due to any reason, Y-Axis can help you draft an admission
deferment letter. We try to make sure your admission offer is available for a later term and coordinate with
the university/college to follow up on the paper work.

How we help

Free Preliminary Counseling

Deferment letter dispatch

Status and progress updates

Free counseling and
assistance on Student Loans

Make the right decision
with Y-Axis

  • Great value for money
  • Keep your offers valid for a suitable
  • Well drafted letters sent to
    Universities/colleges to ensure your
    admission offer remains valid

  • Tried and tested process
  • Get the right advice to ensure
    admission offer remains valid

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  • Migration focused courses & counseling
  • Post study job support
  • Since 1999
  • One-stop-shop for overseas education & careers
  • Global Presence
  • Experienced counsellors
  • 1000s of successes

“A very professional and organized company...Guidance and support is very professional”.

-Vineet Deshpande

How it Works

Step 1

  • Students or their
    guardians contact Y-Axis
  • Register on
  • A preliminary counsellor
    is assigned by our system

Step 2

  • Get Free counselling
  • Get your questions
  • Provide information so
    that we can assist you better

Step 3

  • Sign up for deferment
  • Get your deferment letter
    sent to the school

Step 4

  • Benefit from student visa
    processing and ticketing
    services handled by our
    specialists(for a fee)




international universities
and colleges processed

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